Sports Videography & Photography Services

JNF Visuals is a photography & Videography company specializing in creative video, editing, photo services. Our videographers and photographers have experience covering all sports. Put your camera away and trust JNF Visuals to capture your program, team, or athletes best moments!

Sports Action Photography

Administrators, coaches and parents want to enjoy the action on the field. Why not put the cameras down and leave the photography to us? JNF Visuals offers action and team photography for every sport. Head to our Sports Photo Registration page to learn more about upcoming events.

Highlight Reels

Team or prgram Highlight Videos are also a fantastic way to celebrate the season. We work closely with coaches and managers to create a video that represents the team’s season and accomplishments. There is no better way to showcase your team’s Highlight Reel than by making it part of your year end banquet.

Promotional Hype Videos

Hype videos are a fantastic way to promote sports, schools, teams, organizations and events. Our goal is to help you attract new interest in your sports program.

We work closely with representatives from your organization to ensure we create an impactful video that will not only generate exposure, but leave viewers engaged in your program.

Our promotional videos are typically 45-90 seconds long, with a focus on keeping audiences engaged and promoting brand awareness.

Football, Richmond Highschool players, tackle
Football, Richmond Highschool players, tackle

Skills Session

High school athletes thinking about a college scholarship will need a recruiting video to help market themselves. For many sports, including baseball, softball, and tennis, we recommend what is known as a skills video. The style of this video allows us to film your athlete during a skills session as they run specific drills to showcase their on-the-field/court talent. The nature of these sports make it more difficult to capture all your athlete’s abilities in one or even two games, so it’s actually more cost effective to set up a skills sessions instead of a game highlight video.