Sports Action Photography

Professional Quality

Are you looking for high quality photographs of your athlete playing the sport they love? You have come to the right place.

JNFVisuals has a great value program directed at capturing action photographs of individual athletes. For one low cost you will get between 15-20 high quality digital images to share, enjoy and use to create prints. No watermarks; no ongoing costs, just images of your athlete in a personal gallery.

The booking process is quick and easy. You can view the available dates through the system below or you can go directly to the registration website here.

-You need to PRE-REGISTER to have photos of your athlete taken.

-I do photograph players during the games I attend that can be purchased later, but for a higher cost than pre-registration.

-We limit the number of available slots for each event to ensure I am able to provide the appropriate amount of time on those players booked into the system.

Important Things To Note


1. Check the web app to find your game or event –

2. Click on ‘Pre-register’. Add your player details into the form.

3. Add payment details and you’re done!


  • When you book your athlete through the ‘GFCrew’ system you will be asked to provide the player’s name and other details to help us identify them during the event

  • You will also be asked to provide your phone number and email address

  • We will receive confirmation of the booking and details of the player within a couple of minutes of the booking being made

  • We then work with the coaches and game time officials to ensure we have the best opportunities to get the shots of your athlete in action

  • Once the photos are taken, we will process and upload them to the ‘Capture Life’ web app within 24-36 hours

  • You will then receive a text and email containing a link to the gallery in the ‘Capture Life’ viewing app

  • Once in the viewing app, you can select some or all of the images to download…NO EXTRA COSTS INVOLVED!

  • The gallery will contain only images of your athlete so no more having to scroll through countless images to find the ones you want

JNF Visuals works closely with a number of event organizations in the area. This cooperative approach means we generally get access to areas not generally accessible to the general public. Although we are sometimes seen taking general images at an event, this is in support of the organizers and those images are not usually available to you. To ensure your athlete is photographed it is important to pre-book into the system.

Occasionally, game time situations result in a player not having sufficient playing time in action for us to get the required images. In cases where we are unable to capture the minimum of 15 quality photographs, we can either defer the photograph session to another game time opportunity or, you can request a refund. Re-scheduling is dependent on availability. Refunds requests will be granted unconditionally.


Call (765)205-6445 to discuss availability and adding events to my registration list, or submit your information here. I will reach our as soon as possible!